Yuri Kasdorp won the 5th race of Season 2 of the Atlantic-SkullBo GT3 at Nola

After 50 minutes Yuri Kasdorp manage to finish in first podium position follow by Danny ter Maten and Olivier Fortin.

Following podium guys….. we have Charles Baccio (P4), Christos Segkounas (P5), Marius Nicolae (P6), Ze Jesus (P7), Dimitrios Pappas (P8), Dean Hart (P9) and Angel Sancho (P10) to close the TOP 10.

Mario Rocha (P11), Ed Trevelyan-Johnson (P12) [DNF], April Carlsvard (P13) [DNF], Matt Le Gallez (P14) [Suspension], Fernando Costa (P15) [DNF], Will Mazeo (P16) [DNF] and Kyran Parkin (P17) [DNS].

Pictures by Marius Nicolae

Race Results:

After the last round we have the following Standings:

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