We have managed to get hold of Tomasz Luty after the Portugesue FSR Grand Prix on the Estoril Circuit. Let’s see what he had to say
I: Tomasz, first points of the season after a pretty hefty race. Can you tell us through?
T: Hi. Well, first points, that’s right. I haven’t really expected anything considering the fact I did not know I will be racing until the very last minute.
The start was relatively good, however as you could see on the broadcast, I got spun in the first corner, and the car nearly got totalled as a result. We managed to survive though. I believe we were p13 before the first pit stops, so that was good.
I: Do you think you could finish higher?
T: Well, the problem was, that Im not gonna lie, I could not feel the car 100%, so the pace wasn’t fully extracted. After the first pit stop, I sort of managed to settle in, and I was having a sight of top 10. I think though, because of the early pit stop because of the crash, the first stop was compromised and we had to find a workaround.
When we switched to hards, I nearly killed the car in the barrier, howeverI managed to get it back on track. I lost 3 positions as a result, however there was another retirement and we managed to get hold of p15 in the end. That’s a start, better that than nothing. Hopefully Nurburgring will be better for us.
I: Thank you
T: Thank you

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