31 Aug 2016 — Nuno Gaiteira won third place in the Calder Park Raceway SSC10 in Round 3 of the Suzuki World CUP series.

Gaiteira drove the majority of 19 laps total pursuing Miguel Teixeira after being caught and passed by him on lap 6. Gaiteira launched a prolonged challenge at Teixeira midway through, staying within car lengths behind him and keeping pace over a solid run of 14 laps. In the end Gaiteira settled into third the 14 laps running to the finish, missing Teixeira ahead by just 0.453 seconds at the line.

Gaiteira moves up to fifth in the standings, five points behind Carl Schulz. Gaiteira has three starts and finished as high as third.

Suzuki World CUP series moves on to Round 4 in a week at Croft. The series has 23 drivers competing for points in the championship.

Manuel Alves leads the championship in a tight campaign over Miguel Teixeira, separated by just a few grid spots. The title continues to be challenged by Ricardo Gomes, Carl Schulz, Nuno Gaiteira, Porfirio Dias Santos, Adolfo Onrubia, Luis Fernandes, Alaoui Nassim, Luís Almeida, Rafael Iwata, Mark Carty, Mateusz Stasiak, Jose Pereira, Ahmad Sayyidan, Antonio Tavares, Mark Craggs, José Sousa, Yahya Zakari, C Naiman, Flávio Carvalho, and Juan Puyo as well. The Top 5 places are an open battleground for 22 drivers in the running with three races remaining.

Source: Gaiteira races Suzuki Swift ’10 in Calder Park Raceway SSC10 // Events // Race2Play Multiplayer Online Racing

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