Atlantic Motorsport – SkullBo GT3 Series 2 – Race 1 – Bathurst

After 50 minutes Nico Barclay manage to finish in first podium position follow by Yuri Kasdorp and Marius Nicolae.

Following podium guys….. we have Bryce Louw (P4), Michal Nizio (P5), Sergio Casanovas (P6), Dean art (P7), Attila Miklos (P8), Bela Prill (P9) and Eddy Gustina (P10) to close the TOP 10.

Fernando Costa (P11), Angel Sancho (P12), John Cook (P13), Adrian Blasco (P14) and Gino Bardelli (P15), follow by…..

Rui Nascimento (P16), Libor Vaclav (P17), Rui Vieira (P18), Timo Hartmann (P19) and Ze Jesus (20) on TOP 20, follow by……..

Chris Bruno (P21), Roy de Muinck (P22), Matthieu Decrop (P23), Will Mazeo (P24), Jose Casanovas (P25), follow by……………..

Akos Varga (P26), Maciej Weiss (P27), Adam Rasner (P28), Franois STRAT (P29), Ed Trevelyan-Johnson (P30) and Henrique Brasileiro (P31).

Thanks to all Teams involved and individual drivers.

Race Results:

After the last round we have the following Standings:

Thanks to all

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