24 Oct 2016 — Naomi Makin captured 10th place in the Snetterton Polo93 in Round 3 of the VW Polo Trophy Season 4 series.

Makin traded positions with Joao Botelho De Sousa in a long and persistent battle for ninth starting midway through, running within a couple turns of each other over a range of 10 laps. Makin spent the majority leading Botelho De Sousa after catching and passing him on lap 9, coming from as many as four positions back. Makin fended off a prolonged challenge by Botelho De Sousa midway through, staying just a couple turns ahead of him over an unbroken run of seven laps. In the end Makin lost the spot on lap 16 and settled into 10th the couple laps running to the finish.

Makin moves up to seventh in the standings, seven points behind Joao Botelho De Sousa. Makin has three starts and finished as high as ninth.

VW Polo Trophy Season 4 series moves on to Round 4 in a week at Barbagallo Wannero. The series has 16 drivers competing for points in the championship.

Nuno Gaiteira leads the championship in a tight campaign over Ricardo Gomes, separated by just a few grid positions. The title continues to be challenged by Mark Carty, Porfirio Dias Santos, Luís Almeida, Joao Botelho De Sousa, Naomi Makin, Manuel Alves, Octavio Correia, Ashley Bevis, Michele Boffelli, Juan Aul, and Everett Dumont as well. The Top 5 places are an open field for 16 drivers in the running with two races remaining.

Source: Makin takes to rFactor in Snetterton Polo93 // Events // Race2Play Multiplayer Online Racing

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