20 Nov 2016 — Martin Buchan raced at the front of the GTD field most of all drivers, leading 55 of 63 laps on a run to first place in the Laguna Seca – ALMS Multiclass in the eighth and final round of the United Sports Car Championship [SemiPro] series.

Buchan drove the majority of five laps total pursuing Alaoui Nassim after engaging him on the first lap. Buchan cleared Nassim and into first place on lap 9, and kept it the remaining 54 laps to the checkered flag.

Buchan finished the series sixth in the GTD class standings. He made one start and led 55 of his 63 laps raced while taking the victory once.

United Sports Car Championship [SemiPro] series finished its season after eight rounds spanning four months. A total of 44 drivers competed for points in the multiclass championships.

Fahn Thomas won the GTD class championship, leading 194 laps and taking four wins in seven races. Barrett Erickson, Tobias Mueller, Porfirio Dias Santos, and Alaoui Nassim finished out the Top 5.

Ken Jagger took the IMSA_P class championship in a tight campaign over Mike Erickson, separated by just a handful of finishing positions in the end. Jagger led 178 laps and took three victories in six races. John Van Der Geest, Jose Pereira, and Paul Anstey rounded out the Top 5.

Toni Talvitie took the GTLM class championship, leading 94 laps and taking two wins in five races. Gilles Lalonde, Johnny Gutierrez, John Van Der Geest, and Ricardo Gomes finished out the Top 5.

Alex Freitas won the IMSA_PC class championship, leading 383 laps and taking seven wins in eight races. Bruno Chacon, Fernando Carabette, Joao Botelho De Sousa, and Darien Bailey finished out the Top 5.

Source: Buchan commands top spot most laps in class for win in Laguna Seca – ALMS Multiclass // Events // Race2Play Multiplayer Online Racing

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