26 May 2012 — Mario Rocha raced past the checkered flag a razor-thin 0.153 seconds ahead of Luke Maney to take fourth place in the TAW.net presents the Indianapolis 500 in Round 5 of the Arunam, IZOD IndyCar Series [Pro].

After starting seventh, Rocha gained his way to second and then dropped to eighth nearing the finale. Rocha swapped leads with Ken Jagger in a lengthy and unrelenting battle for second nearing the finale, running within a scrape of each other over a stretch of 14 laps. Rocha drove the majority pursuing Jagger after initially catching him on the fourth lap. Ultimately Rocha settled into sixth the lap running to the checkered flag, holding off Maney by the narrow margin at the line.

Rocha is 15th in the standings for the series. He has one start and finished as high as fourth.

Arunam, IZOD IndyCar Series [Pro] moves on to Round 6 in a week at Detroit – Belle Isle. The series has 34 drivers competing for points in the championship.

Conor McCarrell leads the championship. The title continues to be challenged by Luke Maney, Lyssimacos Maraslis, Jim Eagan, Barry Hedrick, Ron Coles, Sergio Sousa, Scott Ring, Len Venne, Nikita Shaposhnik, Heinz Petzold, Anton Grebennikov, Philip Cullen, Sidney Thomas, Mario Rocha, Scott Keith, Ken Jagger, Taner Selvi, Jose Casanovas, Matej Ahacic, Mike Erickson, Domi Linder, Glyn Jones, Mark Johnston, Luis Lynce, David Fisher, Tudor Morris, Tony Atkins, Marcel Grevelt, Michael Herring, Caleb Marklein, Alberto Marciano, Carlos Ortiz, and Daniel Montour. The Top 5 places are an open field for 34 drivers in the running with four races remaining.

Source: Rocha takes breathtaking finish in Indianapolis 500 // Events // Race2Play Multiplayer Online Racing

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