23 Jul 2009 — Mario Rocha made his 10th start in the Skoda Octavia ’08 and captured 11th place in the Putnam Park Skoda in Round 2 of the Visit Scotland Skoda Cup [Euro] series.

Rocha ran nearly equal parts of 14 laps total leading Vautrelle Hugues after being caught by him on lap 12. Rocha fended off a prolonged challenge by Hugues in the middle stages, staying just a straightaway ahead of him over a continuous run of eight laps. In the end Rocha lost the spot on lap 20 and settled into 11th the lap running to the checkered flag.

Rocha is 18th in the standings for the series. He has one start and finished as high as 11th.

In the 10 career runs taken by Rocha in the Skoda Octavia ’08, he has finished as high as seventh once. Rocha has taken the car to Putnam Park GP two times. He turned his fastest laps yet, shaving 0.407 seconds off his previous best lap time.

Visit Scotland Skoda Cup [Euro] series moves on to Round 3 in two weeks at Watkins Glen – Nascar. The series has 36 drivers competing for points in the championship.

James Linton leads the championship in a tight campaign over Zak Ollerenshaw, separated by just a few grid spots. The title continues to be challenged by Dan Bailey, Pablo Martinez, Vautrelle Hugues, Ales Kurent, Vladimir Rakita, Dominik Dino Pavlekovic, Dan Minton, Brian Cox, Tomislav Ivasic, Borna Spoljaric, Guille Albertengo, Francisco Gutierrez, Michael Herring, Matt Willoughby, Diego Gauna, Mario Rocha, Marco Drapier, Segundo Torres, Mark Wicks, Simon Hegan, James Goldsbrough, Calum Cameron, Diego Lebed, Alan Strang, Nikola Vrhovski, Paco Gutierrez, Soco Ricci, Jim Fisher, Daniel S Gomes, Silvino Rodrigues, Eduardo Prado, Sam Emmett, Massimo DallaPellegrina, and Mike Hanson as well. The Top 5 places are an open field for 36 drivers in the running with four races remaining.

Source: Rocha makes noteworthy career run behind wheel of Skoda Octavia ’08 in Putnam Park Skoda // Events // Race2Play Multiplayer Online Racing

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