12 Aug 2016 — Joao Beato won fifth place in the AltTab Racing Portland – No Festival turns Skoda in the opening round of the Simulation Racing Pilipinas Skoda Octavia Challenge [Euro] series.

Beato drove all of six laps total pursuing Hernan Hourmilougue after targeting him on the first lap, coming from as many as seven places back. Ultimately Beato settled into fifth the couple laps running to the conclusion.

Simulation Racing Pilipinas Skoda Octavia Challenge [Euro] series moves on to Round 2 in a week at Putnam Park GP. The series has 16 drivers competing for points in the championship.

Adolfo Onrubia leads the championship in a tight campaign over Kahel Grahf, separated by just a couple grid spots. The title continues to be challenged by Ricardo Gomes, Hernan Hourmilougue, Joao Beato, Mark Carty, Michael Andal, Colin Barker, Christian Duque, Augusts Kirsis, Mark Voltaire Elman, Roberto Vila, Shane Jaducana, Porfirio Dias Santos, Simon Suck, and Alistair Canlas as well. The Top 5 places are an open battleground for 16 drivers in the running with six races remaining.

Source: Beato races Skoda Octavia ’08 in Portland – No Festival turns Skoda // Events // Race2Play Multiplayer Online Racing

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