16 May 2016 — Lazaros Filippakos clinched the series championship with his run to third place in the Circuito da Boavista VTA-2L in the fifth and final round of the Vintage Tourring Car Challenge series.

A hairline 0.256 seconds separated Benedict Burlington ahead of Lazaros Filippakos at the checkered flag for Burlington to take second place.

Nuno Miguel Abreu led every lap from first-place start to first-place finish for his 20th career victory.

Filippakos drove the majority of 13 laps total leading Benedict Burlington after being caught by him on the first lap. Ultimately Filippakos settled into third the couple laps running to the finish, missing Burlington ahead by just 0.256 seconds at the line.

The series championship was clinched this final round by Filippakos with his third-place run. Filippakos took the win in one of his five starts, leading eight of 81 laps total.

Driving the Ford Escort Mk1, Burlington drove the majority of 13 laps total pursuing Lazaros Filippakos after engaging him on the first lap. Burlington passed Filippakos and into second place on lap 12, and kept it the remaining lap to the pulse-pounding finish.

Burlington finished the series 15th in the standings. He made one start and finished as high as second.

Miguel Abreu drove all of three laps total leading Benedict Burlington after being engaged by him on the first lap. Miguel Abreu controlled the race lead every lap from start to win.

The noteworthy win for Miguel Abreu came on his first outing in the BMW 2002tii. Miguel Abreu finished the series 11th in the standings. He made one start and led 13 of his 13 laps raced while taking the victory once.

Vintage Tourring Car Challenge series finished its season after five rounds spanning a month. A total of 20 drivers competed for points in the championship.

Lazaros Filippakos took the championship in a tight campaign over Csaba Lakó, separated by just a few grid positions in the end. Filippakos led eight laps and took a single win in five races. Paulo Couto, Porfirio Dias Santos, and Antonio Tavares rounded out the Top 5.

Csaba Lakó won fourth place.

Driving the Datsun 510, Lakó ran nearly equal parts of 10 laps total leading Mark Carty after engaging and passing him on the fourth lap. Lakó cleared Carty and into fourth place on lap 4, and kept it the remaining nine laps to the checkered flag.

Lakó finished the series second in the standings. Lakó made five starts and led 42 of his 81 laps while taking the victory twice.

Fernando Silva won fifth place.

Driving the BMW 2002tii, Silva traded positions with Paulo Couto in a lengthy and determined fight for fifth in the late stages, running within a couple turns of each other over a stretch of 13 laps. Silva drove nearly all leading Couto after being engaged by him on the first lap. After losing the spot on lap 9, Silva cleared Couto and into fifth place on lap 10, and controlled it the remaining few laps to the checkered flag.

Silva finished the series seventh in the standings. Silva made three starts and finished as high as fifth.

Source: Filippakos locks down series championship driving Ford Escort Mk1 in Circuito da Boavista VTA-2L // Events // Race2Play Multiplayer Online Racing

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