After 90 minutes, Christos Segkounas (LMP3) manage to finish in first podium position follow by Simon Marshall (LMP3) and Kaashif Iftikhar (LMP3).

Following podium guys….. we have Gordie Gunn (LMP3) (P4), Malcolm Smith (GT3) (P1/P5), Martin Vindis (GT3) (P2/P6), Dimitris Pappas (GT3) (P3/P7), Marius Nicolae (GT3) (P4/P8), Alexis Murgan (GT3) (P5/P9) and Luis Segura (GT3) (P6/P10) to finish the TOP 10.

Following the TOP 10 guys….. we have Angel Sancho (GT3) (P7/P11), David Haas (GT3) (P8/P12), Mario Rocha (GT3) (P9/P13), Claudio Souza (GT3) (P10/P14), Frank Vasconcelos (GT3) (P11/P15), Firman Nurmahadi (GT3) (P12/P16), Claudio Barrera (GT3) (P13/P17), Mada Andhika (GT3) (P14/P18), Peter Lane (GT3) (P15/P19) and Farouq Thalib (GT3) (P16/P20) to finish the TOP 20.

Following the TOP 20 guys….. we have Johan van Doren (GT3) (P17/P21), Antti Rasi (GT3) (P18/P22), Dean Hart (LMP3) (P5/P23), Richard Brooks (GT3) (P19/P24), Juan Roguez (GT3) (P20/P25), Massimiliano Ferrari (LPM3) (P16/P26) and Ze Jesus (GT3) (P21/P27) to finish the TOP 30.

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