04 Jun 2016 — Juan M Bento raced at the front of the field most of all drivers, leading 25 of 27 laps on a run to first place in the Daytona Road Course – B IndyCar in Round 3 of the American IndyCar Series.

M Bento spent nearly all of 26 laps total leading Nikolaus Steven after engaging and passing him on the third lap, coming from as many as three positions back. M Bento passed Steven and into first place on lap 3, and controlled it the remaining 24 laps to the conclusion.

M Bento is fifth in the standings for the series. He has one start and led 25 of his 27 laps raced while taking the win once.

Nikolaus Steven led the pack for two laps in a run to second place.

American IndyCar Series moves on to Round 4 in two weeks at Donington Park – GP. The series has 15 drivers competing for points in the championship.

Steven ran the majority of 26 laps total pursuing Juan M Bento after being challenged and passed by him on the third lap. Ultimately Steven settled into second the 25 laps running to the finish.

Steven moves up to second in the standings, 60 points behind Luke Maney. Steven has two starts and led two of his 50 laps while finishing as high as second.

Luke Maney leads the championship. The title continues to be challenged by Nikolaus Steven, Shawn Brown, Mark Carty, Juan M Bento, Gonzalo Colaci, Antonio Tavares, and Gino Bardelli. The Top 5 places are an open battleground for 15 drivers in the running with two races remaining.

Luke Maney captured third place.

Maney took the fight back and forth with Mark Carty in a long and tense fight for third starting midway through, running within a scrape of each other over a range of 26 laps. Maney ran nearly equal parts leading Carty after challenging and passing him on lap 10. After losing the spot on lap 15, Maney passed Carty for the third time and into third place on lap 17, and held it the remaining 10 laps to the conclusion.

Maney remains in the lead of the standings, increasing the lead over rival Nikolaus Steven to 60 points. Maney has three starts and led 50 of his 77 laps while taking the victory twice.

Mark Carty took fourth place.

Carty wrestled the advantage back and forth with Luke Maney in a lengthy and unrelenting fight for third starting midway through, running within a scuff of each other over a span of 26 laps. Carty spent nearly equal parts leading Maney after being caught by him on the second lap. Carty fended off an extended attack by Maney in the beginning, staying just an apex ahead of him over a solid run of eight laps. Ultimately Carty lost the spot on lap 17 and settled into fourth the 11 laps running to the conclusion.

Carty moves up to fourth in the standings, five points behind Shawn Brown. Carty has two starts and finished as high as fourth.

Source: M Bento runs most laps in top spot for win in Daytona Road Course – B IndyCar // Events // Race2Play Multiplayer Online Racing

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