Atlantic Motorsport – SkullBo GT3 Series Race 2 – Zandvoort

After 50 minutes Borja Millan (1Aco) manage to finish in first podium position follow by Nico Barclay (1Aco) and Matt Santell (Veles Simsport)

Following podium guys….. we have Miroslav Davidovic (Veles Simsport) (P4), Matthieu Decrop ( OneMove) (P5), Martin Vindis (Atlantic Motorsport) (P6), Ricardo Azevedo (P7), William Mazeo (P8), Morgan Soum (Ghost Motorsport) (P9) and Chris Bruno (P10) to close the TOP 10.

Akos Varga (Team GTRM) (P11), Andreas Schmich (MRS SimRacing) (P12) on the following positions….

Ed T-J (Zansho) (P13), Danny Schubert (MRS SimRacing) (P14), Richard Goodwin ( (P15), Timo Hartmann (SimRacingUnited) (P16), Luccas Silva (P17), Ismail Yakubu (P18), Tony Mella (Ghost Motorsport) (P19), Luke Ridgway ( (P20) and Ze Jesus (Atlantic Motorsport) P21) they did not finished.

Thanks to the Teams: 1Aco, Veles Simsport, OneMove, Atlantic Motorsport, Ghost Motorsport, Team GTRM, MRS SimRacing, Zansho,, SimRacingUnited and individual drivers.

After the first round we have the following Standings:


Thanks to all

Last night’s photo album of the second round of the Atlantic MotorsportSkullBo GT3 championship in Zandvoort Circuit brought by Sims & Skins : Koda Factory and Virtual Race Car Engineer with RFactor2 software and GT3 dream pack from Studio 397!

Photo album credit: MrCoffelino Nico


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