Atlantic Motorsport Oreca Nissan #42 finished P8 in the 8 hours of Suzuka

After 243 laps, Allie Ferrie, Tjeerd Feddema and Lorenzo De Ciutiis, finished on a brilliant 8th place.

“VEC’s second trip to Japan this season was definitely a race of mixed emotions for the #42 as
we continued our bad habits from previous rounds: promising pace mixed with a dash of bad luck
and a side helping of silly mistakes.”
Allie Ferrie – Team Manager

“Qualifying was, at least for myself, the high point of the event. I am the complete opposite of
a qualifying specialist, so to place the car into 4th place (+0.8s pole) was a real moment
of joy. The drivers of division 2 are certainly no mugs behind the wheel, therefore getting
right in amongst them was a real statement of intent – we may not have the results to show
for it so far, but if you think Atlantic Motorsport are happy to prop up the back row of the grid
all season, think again.”
Allie Ferrie – Team Manager

“After that, the start of the race was anti-climactic. After serving our (well-deserved) penalty
from Lorenzo’s accident at Istanbul, the only reason we weren’t stuck in last was due to other
competitors receiving penalties as well as several P2s demolishing themselves in a clumsy high-speed
incident on the first run down to 130R. The remainder of my first stint was fairly quiet,
with the only serious worry being me very dopey and clattering into the left-rear corner of
a GT car at Spoon curve. Luckily we both escaped with minor damage and no penalty.”
Allie Ferrie – Team Manager

“Tjeerd then jumped into the car, and we were all very happy to see him be right on the front-running pace.
I’m sure he was the happiest though, as by his own admission, he hasn’t quite felt like
his pace had been fully there at the start of the season. At this point, things were looking
good for the #42’s race: a fairly clean run along with at least two of the three drivers (unfortunately
Campbell was unable to join us, perhaps still recovering from his 5hr stint at Istanbul?)
being genuinely fast and consistent. A great result on the cards? Unfortunately, it didn’t last. A slight mistake into the Casio triangle saw Tjeerd clatter
across the anti-cut bollards, damaging the car badly. Then not long after repairs were complete,
an incident in traffic resulted in more heavy damage.”
Allie Ferrie – Team Manager

“After Tjeerd’s stint, I returned to the car with a lot of ground to make up, which I attempted
to do with a tremendous quadruple stint before handing to Lorenzo. For around 2hrs of racing,
apart from a couple of bumpy off-track moments, I clawed back as much time as I could, taking
us to a point where we were genuinely in a race with multiple other cars to finish ‘best-of-the-bad-luck-bunch.’
Then it was all thrown away by me making a bone-headed lapping move around the outside of
Lee Russell (Mellow Motorsports GT) into the first of the S’s. Our car escaped with a few
scuffed panels but the Mellow car received huge damage and we rightfully received a 60 second
stop/hold penalty for it. The only plus side to that penalty, is that by serving it in race
we are penalty-free for Interlagos.”
Allie Ferrie – Team Manager

“From that point, Lorenzo took over the car and concentrated on simply getting us to the end
without any other major disasters. At the end of 8 hours, he took the #42 across the line
8th of 11 (+12L class winner). More points on the board, and promising pace for the remainder
of the season, but ultimately one more promising result lost due to bad luck and avoidable
Allie Ferrie – Team Manager

“Interlagos will be another tricky multi-class track, but fingers crossed that all Atlantic cars
can continue to file off our rough edges and stop breaking mirrors, kicking kittens
or whatever it is we’ve all been doing to deserve this luck.”
Allie Ferrie – Team Manager


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