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What a roller-coaster of a track this is! First of all I’d like to say a very big thank you to @Bernd Schmidt for doing a great job on this stressful event. I hope the other events this season will be a little less damaging for your heart. Also a thank you to the broadcast team @Neil Heatlie and @Nick Newcombe , must’ve been a busy day for you too!

It was an eventful race for us too. I qualified the car in 9th, which was okay for us. P6 would’ve been possible, but no-one’s ever fully satisfied with their qualifying laps. P5 and up were out of our league, superb pace from them.

The race started out pretty calm for us and we kept our position. Behind us was a massive accident in lap 5 apparently and that resulted in the first Code 80 of many this race.
Pretty soon afterwards the first lmp2’s started to come through and from there on out the race became very hectic. Cars were flying off left, right and center. I somehow managed to get through unharmed. With some nice passes and profiting off of other peoples mistakes I ended my stint after 2 hours and drove into the pit in 2nd position.

@Martin Vindis got into the car and began his stint, driving out of the pit in 3rd position. Unfortunately he lost connection after 2 or 3 laps and had to rejoin the server, which cost a lot of time. We lost several laps and dropped all the way down to 15th in class.

At this point I had to leave so @Martin Vindis and @Marius Nicolae took care of the rest of the race. They did a fantastic job recovering and keeping it clean. Even after a failed driver-swap in which the AI took over control of the car, they managed to climb back up to 4th in class before the last hour of the race.

That last hour was painful though. An lmp2 car exited the pit in @Marius Nicolae ‘s blind-spot, contact was made and this resulted in heavy damage. A slow drive back to the pit and more than 3 minutes in repairs had to be done. In the end we finished p10 in class, luckily still in the points.

– Report by Sido Weijer

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