26 Aug 2016 — Alison Valassa took fourth place in the Salzburgring FBMW in Round 6 of the Formula BMW – Cup by ACD series.

Driving the Formula BMW, Valassa spent all of 17 laps total pursuing Ken Jagger after engaging him on the first lap. Valassa launched an extended attack at Jagger midway through, staying within a straightaway behind him and keeping pace over a solid run of 14 laps. Valassa passed Jagger and into fourth place when Jagger retired on lap 22, and kept it the final 0 laps to the conclusion.

Valassa is 20th in the standings for the series. She has one start and finished as high as fourth.

Formula BMW – Cup by ACD series moves on to Round 7 in a week at Lime Rock Park. The series has 60 drivers competing for points in the championship.

Tony Carl Christensen leads the championship in a tight campaign over Stefan Schneider, separated by just a couple finishing positions. The title continues to be challenged by Mark Carty, Gerhard Hofmann, Ken Jagger, Andrea Giachè, Fahn Thomas, Juan Aul, Adolfo Onrubia, Simon Swarbrick, Matteo Romboni, Porfirio Dias Santos, Antonio Tavares, Cesare Pomarici, Augusts Kirsis, Carles Alcario, Bruno Maggiori, Csaba Lakó, Scott Ring, Alison Valassa, David Valentine, José Almeida, Juanma Martín, Klaus Germanus, José Sousa, Sascha Franzolet, Jose Maria, Paul Valentine, Denis Juznic, Roberto Vila, Juan M Bento, Fernando Silva, Veli KILIC, Rafael Iwata, Jack Hunt, Hernan Hourmilougue, Colin Barker, Aydin Can Cakan, Pablo Becker, Andrius Jockus, Juan Farias, Paul Huggett, Michal Lewera, Victor Barros, Jalal MirJalalli, Christian Ablasser, Bill Miller, Ville Hartikainen, Arnold Columbia, Joan Arcona, Toni Talvitie, Mateusz Stasiak, Lewis Stephens, Joe Cannarozzo, Warren Rozario, Joe Donohue, Gergely Kovács, Andy Paxton, and Matt Faust as well. The Top 5 places are an open ring for 59 drivers in the running with four races remaining.

Source: Valassa races Formula BMW in Salzburgring FBMW // Events // Race2Play Multiplayer Online Racing

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