17 Apr 2016 — Rui Santos led all drivers most for 24 of 24 laps on a run for first place in the Brands Hatch GP CelicaGTO in the opening round of the Toyota Celica GTO 1986 series.

Santos ran all of 24 laps total leading Domagoj Belinic after being caught by him on the first lap. Santos fended off a prolonged attack by Belinic in the beginning, staying just a turn ahead of him over a continuous run of 24 laps. After starting second, Santos took the race lead on the first lap and controlled it to the victory.

Toyota Celica GTO 1986 series moves on to Round 2 in two weeks at Imola GT. The series has eight drivers competing for points in the championship.

Jose Casanovas captured third place.

Casanovas drove nearly all of 23 laps total leading Paolo Minniti after challenging and passing him on the fourth lap, coming from as many as three places back. Casanovas got around Minniti and into third place on lap 4, and kept it the remaining 20 laps to the conclusion.

Paolo Minniti took fourth place.

Domagoj Belinic took second place.

Minniti wrestled the advantage back and forth with Vinicius Ferreira in a lengthy and determined fight for fourth in the late stages, running within a couple turns of each other over a span of 22 laps. Minniti spent nearly all leading Ferreira after being engaged by him on the third lap. Minniti fended off a prolonged attack by Ferreira early in the running, staying just a straightaway ahead of him over a solid run of 15 laps. After losing the spot on lap 22, Minniti passed Ferreira for the second time and into fourth place on lap 23, and controlled it the remaining lap to the finish.

Belinic drove all of 22 laps total leading Jose Casanovas after being caught by him on the first lap. After starting first, Belinic settled into second position on the first lap and held it every lap to the checkered flag.

1 Rui Santos Atlantic Motorsport Pro 24 36:08.629
2 Domagoj Belinic Atlantic Motorsport Pro 24 36:10.475
3 Jose Casanovas Atlantic Motorsport International 24 36:51.086
4 Paolo Minniti TeamSnailFast 24 37:29.682
5 Roberto Boniotti TeamSnailFast 23 36:27.051
6 Vinicius Ferreira Phoenix Racing 23 38:02.495
7 Porfirio Dias Santos Oceanika Motorsport 22 36:12.557
8 Tuomas Koriala 0 Suspension

Source: Santos runs most laps in top spot for win in Brands Hatch GP CelicaGTO // Events // Race2Play Multiplayer Online Racing

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